2 June 2018 Melba Doggy Winery Tour

It was a foggy decent into the Yarra Valley which only meant one thing – it was going to be an awesome sunny Winter’s day when the ‘soup’ lifted. Diesel said hello to four first timers – Murphy, Cooper, Lulu and Archie and was keen to chat to them the whole journey. It was wonderful to be so warmly welcomed at Steels Gate Winery by Brad who just could not resist getting the pawfect photo as the sun was coming through. A stretch of the legs before another tasting and then the all important pooch massage on Bella. The pooches managed to just stay awake long enough to get their special Angela attention, then it was snoozing time. A ‘wee’ break before heading off to Greenstone Winery for a relaxing tasting on the deck taking in all the glory of the Valley. Great day, great group, we love our jobs when we get to meet fabulous peeps and paws. Until next time – stay Happy, Healthy and Safe.