24 June 2018 Mornington Doggy Winery Tour

Well Bella was filled with 10 very excited pooches who just seemed to click together as if they had known each other in past lives. A bit of double the fun with 2 x Ruby and 2 x Deb…….nothing confusing about that! A big welcome back to Billi who just cruised into the back seat as if he was meant to be there. Hello to Claude, Ernie, Ruby (1) and Ruby (2), Lexi,, Bobby, Kellie and Tasha. Melbourne may not have put on sunshine and sparkles but it was certainly a pleasant day driving out to the Mornington Peninsula – lots of window licking to be had by all. From start to finish this was always going to a group who just chatted all things paws and pours. I think the highlight might have been having a wine around the open pit fire at Panton – who else reminisced when they got home and found the scent still on their clothes and fur! Until your next Dog Friendly Tour – stay warm.