21 May 2022 Historic Williamstown Ferry and Dog Walk

Oh WOW just WOW to the weather – such a gorgeous day to exploring Historic Williamstown and cruising over from St Kilda across Port Phillip Bay. Welcome back Max (#8), Bailey (#7), Charlie (#7), Gracie (#2), Ellie (#2), Fergus (#6) and Willow (#2). Hello to first timer Winston (#1). It was certainly a day to be in the sunshine forget about Politics and just enjoyed being with our doggos. Boy did they get excited when we arrived at the off leash area – lots and lots of zoomies going on and big brave Max was no left out. He was so happy to be running free.  Bailey and Charlie made a new bestie with Max taking a shining to these little cuties. It was wonderful to see Fergus and Winston chasing each and of course Gracie and Ellie being ‘siblings’ took to time to argue over who was having the more fun. Willow was a chilled out doggo kicking back and enjoying the sights and smells. We hope you enjoy the photos and see everyone again soon.