15 May 2022 Daylesford Sniffari

What an excited group of doggos getting their sniff time up before jumping onboard for our Daylesford Sniffari. Welcome back Pierre (#2) and a big hello to Willow (#1), Preston, Charlie, Misty and Ben. So much fun watching the dogs noses take in all the scents at Trentham Falls for morning tea with one very excited Ben off lead romping around exploring. Willow and Pierre were already best Spitz buddies and Charlie just wanted to roam. Mr Preston was happy to watch the excitement and get a sense for the fun. Misty’s nose just could not stop twitching, she wanted to go all out on the fun. An easy relaxing lunch at Lake Daylesford and more excitement on every doggo’s first train ride. Thank you to the weather gods for a lovely yet overcast day if not a bit windy. Pawfect dog walking weather. Until next time Paws Out from the GP team.