7 Oct 2018 Mornington Trail Doggy Winery Tour

The water was still and the sun glistened over Port Melbourne as we made a gentle start to a cracking day on our Mornington Doggy Winery Tour. Even with 1 hour less sleep, everyone was too excited to remember the shock of the alarm going off. Bella was full of excited pooches welcoming back Wyllow, Juno, Kobe and Bertie and saying a big Hello to first timers Bobby, Narla, Susi, Mochi and Baxter. The sun simply did not stop all day and it was so Pawfect sipping wine outside and letting the dogs meet and greet. It is always a sign of good fun and friends when the lunch time banter spreads along the table – Happy Days! Congratulations Narla on winning photo of the day. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon. Paws out from the GP Team.