28 Sept 2014 Half Day Doggy Winery Tour

A sunny 28 degree spring day with some strong winds greeted us on Sunday as we cruised into our Half Day Doggy Winery Tour. There was much excitement from Diesel, Denver and Artie on the beach at Port Melbourne and a casual walk to Mr Lawrence to pick up morning tea saw Daisy nearly ready for a snooze.

Witchmount Winery welcomed us inside to do the wine tasting as the winds were proving to be a challenge outside. So relaxing standing around learning all about the varieties on offer. Charli, Max, Milo and Arnie were clearly excited to be sniffing their way around the cellar door.

A short walk to lunch at Avanti was all that DJ and Pugsley needed to justify a nap under the trees. The restaurant owner Jo, was so his own brand of entertainment and so enthusiastic about our visit. There was food a plenty and lots of conversations spilling over to the afternoon romp on the grass.

Congratulations to Sharon for the cool pic inside the cellar door of the furbabies, nice photography, we hope you enjoy your wine prize.