25 Feb 2018 Dandenongs Doggy Winery Tour

Welcome back Artie, Lyla, Boomer and Bella and Helllooooo Jax for your first Doggy Winery Tour. What a fabulous day to be exploring wineries in the Dandenongs with our beloved dogs. It might have been a breezy start to the day however that didn’t seem to bother the little paws. After settling into the drive on Bella – that would be the bus not the very cute Cavoodle guest, it was time to take a stroll around the Alfred Nicholas gardens.  Jax thought it would fun to walk between the big kiddies – Artie and Lyla. Boomer and Bella were just content to stroll with Dad and Grand Pa. We think he knew he was in safe paws as they had both chalked up a few Doggy Winery Tours. With morning tea and the first wine tasting completed it was time for a massage. It took a bit to get into the groove of the massage, as some very interesting furry creatures were in the paddock next door. Artie in particular thought it would be fun to chase them, if only Sharon would turn here back, we are convinced he would have found an escape route. Resident Winston – a gorgeous Saint Bernard made a guest appearance at Killara Estate – what a stunner! Congratulations Boomer and Bella on winning the photo competition.