2 May 2021 Melba Trail Doggy Winery Tour

When the sun shines it doesn’t matter how big the group of Peeps and Paws – it is just a pawfect day for a Melba Trail Doggy Winery Tour. Welcome back Mellow (#18), Chrysla (#18) and a big Hello to Kada (#1) and Apollo (#1). It was absolutely fantastic to share the day with you and see your smiling doggo faces play zoomies at our first winery, just joy! With little paws compared to Apollo, Mellow, Chrysla and Kada were desperate to keep up with the stick game that Apollo set up.  We lost Kada a couple of times as she found a great hiding place under the stairs. Thanks for the lovely conversations, great company and overall fabulous group. Until next time Paws Out from the GP Team.