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Collagen and Turmeric Doggy Butter


This seriously awesome 250g Doggy Butter is packed with peanut deliciousness. Made from 100% human grade, Australian ingredients, no palm oil, no xylitol and no salt and no added sugar. This dietary supplement is excellent for dogs who maybe prone to hip and joint issues as they age or to ward off these conditions and support younger dogs who just love to run.

Turmeric is excellent as a natural pain killer, anti inflammatory for aches and can assist with calming dogs.  The reason it has a calming effect is because it contains Vitamin B3 – which is necessary for serotonin production – the happy hormone!. A bit about collagen – it is the most abundant protein in the body of dog or human. However as we age production slows down which means joint issues can occur such as arthritis. Collagen helps lubricate and protect connective tissue, so it can reduce inflammation caused from exercise and assist with arthritic pain. The jury is out as to whether it can delay the onset of arthritis, but it is certainly necessary for overall joint health, so start your doggo young . You might find dogs with a healthy amount of collagen in their diets (either from a supplement or from diet), may shed less, itch less, and have a softer, shinier coat.

As Gourmet Pawprints has grown so too has our passion to provide everyday scientifically based education and coaching about dog behaviour and nutrition to their parents. Which is why we launched a unique service for dog parents – The Dog Couch – a place where dogs and parents come together for a Happy, Healthy and Safe journey through life.