7 July 2018 Truffle Hunt

We braved the elements and came out Truffle victorious! Well done to  Tata, Bei Bei, Skye, Penny Lane, Millie, Iggy, Humphrey and Bertie for those PJ’s off on a cold Melbourne morning to come truffling. We made sure Bella was nice and cosy for peeps and paws as we drove straight through the rain and out the other side to almost sunshine at Black Cat Truffles.  A warm reception from Lynette and Andres made the rain a distant memory. It was a fun day with lots of sniffing and playing……..and sleeping on the way home. Katrina and Angela made sure the tired little paws were massaged over lunch while their hoomans dined on decadance at the Farmers Arms Hotel Creswick.  It is always lovely to hear the happy chatter of the group getting to know each other. With so many seriously fabulous photos – it was a hard pick for photo of the day – however Humphrey nailed it. Until we see you next time – Paws Out from the GP team.