6 March 2022 Mornington Trail Doggy Winery Tour

What an amazing day with so many Peeps and Paws being chauffeured on Bella the Dog Bus. She was one full girl today and was very happy that rain clouds stayed up in the sky and didn’t interfere with her fun. Welcome back Sybell (#43), Mellow (#34 and Chrysla (#34) so good to see you again. A big hello to our first timers Miska (#1), Emi (#1), Cedric (#1), Chase (#1), Babi (#1), Molly (#1), Lou (#1) and Sprout (#1) – you guys just loved doing zoomies at the first winery. Hilarious!! We have to make special mention to Princess Sybell’s Bumble Bee raincoat – you looked gorgeous. We just know there were new and renewed friendships happening all day as the chatter on Bella said it all. The Mornington Peninsula is always an exciting Doggy Winery Tour as there are so many wonderful sights and smells to explore. We hope to you again soon. Paws Out from the GP Team.