27 Feb 2022 Daylesford Sniffari

Thank you weather Gods for being a team player today, you rocked it with pawfect weather for our Daylesford Sniffari. Talk about all senses being ignited – sights, sounds and of courses the sniffing. Diesel was ever so chatty to welcome back Mellow (#33), Chyrsla (#33), Crystal (#8), Bailey (#4), Charlie (#4) and Eddie (#2). A big Hello to first timers Isaac (#1) and Loki (#1). There was loads of excitement to get the first sniffs at Trentham Falls morning tea and to pretend the puppers were in jail! Then if was off and running, playing and splashing at Lake Daylesford. Mr Diesel was determined to get someone to throw a ball in the water for him and he could not work out why the massive ball Chrysla found at Port Melbourne was not onboard. A relaxing train trip from Daylesford to Musk was just a fabulous way to finish the day. We hope you enjoyed your Sniffari.