3 Aug 2019 Truffle Hunt

What is a little drizzle of rain between peeps and paws? – ahhh nothing when a Truffle Hunt adventure awaits us! Welcome back Sybell, Max, Angel and Teddy and a big hello from Bella the dog welcoming bus to Tsilia, Ismo, Pip, Naia and Lexy. It was sooooo much fun watching the pooches explore the Truffle farm gate area, boy did they run and socialise – such polite greetings – well done little paws. It was all hands on deck for a booked out day truffling and the rain became a distant memory as two and four legged guests found their black magic. No wonder when it was time for a movie and massage on Bella, there was a lot of snoring happening. The four-legged kind that is – although we did hear a bit from the humans on the return to Melbourne. Thanks for a fabulous day and until next time Paws Out from the GP team.