20 July 2019 Truffle Hunt

Truffles Truffles and more Truffles……..such a fun day with Tilly…..tour number 16!!!, Basil, Frank, Sybell and Louie. There was a lot pupper socialising being done while morning tea was enjoyed by the humans as the smells through out were just glorious to the dog nose. It is always so lovely seeing the dogs (oh and humans) being entertained with the very special Truffle Treasure Hunt – you can just ‘hear them saying’ – “I know its is here somewhere, quick over there, nope over here, yay I got it”. The little ones were not going to be out done by the big kiddies, they scrambled past them at a rate of knots. Bella the dog welcoming bus was all warm and toasty for their massage and sleepy time, while the humans not only enjoyed their truffle lunch but a special live screening of GP and celebrity Tilly on TV. It was certainly a fabulous day to be out truffle hunting, so until next time, Paws Out from the GP Team.