25 March 2022 Doggo Friday Wine Down

Oh WOW what a night of Peeps and Paws and a UFO (see pics below), no less and we are not referring to Ms Mellow’s race through the restaurant to find Mumma. Welcome Back Mellow (#36), Chrysla (#36),  Kennedy (#18), Archie (#5), Reuben (#5) and big hello to Chester (#3) and Bonnie (#1) for their very first tour on Bella The Dog Bus. We have to say it is the first time ever that we have been asked to turn the radio down as there were so many conversations and laughs going on, what a joy to hear. The best earring award goes to Mellow and Chyrsla’s Mum – absolutely stunning (see pic below). Bonnie took a bit to warm up to all the excitement and when she did, she was looking all around. Mr Kennedy was his usual chilled self and what do you expect after 18 pawfect experiences. Archie was very happy to chill on Mumma’s lap and let all the fuss wash away. Mr Reuben was awfully cute curled up under the table – but the food was too good for left overs to fall his way. We could tell Chester was in his element – big windows to watch the world go by. It was great to see new and renewed friends happily enjoying a Doggo Friday Wine Down. A massive thanks to Brad, Matt and the team at Steels Gate for their wonderful food, wine and hospitality. Seriously second to none! We hope to see you all again on the next one – 29 April 2022.