19 March 2022 Around The Bay Sniffari

Oh What A  Day (OK insert singing if you wish). Simply a Pawfect Around The Bay Sniffari – the weather was awesome, the group were fabulous and we just enjoyed being with our pooches. Welcome Back Sybell (#44), Mellow (#35), Chrysla (#35) and Jessie (#4) we always love seeing your goofy smiling faces. A big (read BIG) hello to our very first Saint Bernard – the loveable Grace (#1). It was wonderful seeing how Grace carefully considered her Mum and eased her into the day, her Mum was a bit worried about stairs but Grace made sure she took it in her stride until Mum was confident about walking up and down stairs – LOL. Well Done Grace you are one considerate girl. You must check out the photo of Mellow with her ears flapping in excitement at Morning Tea in Geelong – of so cute. Ms Sybell was so thrilled to see Diesel, Mellow and Chrysla – Princess S can be a grumpy pooch when her besties are not on tour. Ms Jessie was in full flight all day and especially loved her beach time on the walk from Point Lonsdale to Queenscliff. Well Peeps and Paws – Mr Diesel here, thanks for letting me translate all the points today (read one very talkative Kelpie). Until next time Paws Out from the GP Team.