21 Mar 2020 Urban Explorer Doggy Trek

It was soooo wonderful to be out and about with our dogs today. We missed Bella the Dog Welcoming Bus, however even Bella had to make sacrifices in the current climate. There was loads of sanitiser and gloves and we just love the Marcel Marceau impersonation – hilarious. Welcome back Kennedy (#11) and Sybell (#15) and big Welcome Hello to Fallon, Darwin and Ada. We really did have a great time exploring Melbourne  and just being with our dogs. We really valued your support in these weird, strange and very unprecedented times. Thanks for having the confidence in GP to pr0vide a Happy, Healthy and Safe experience, even if the team back pack was heavy and loaded with sanitiser and gloves. We just did want we needed to do to be out and about. A special thanks to Oddspot Cafe in Newport for providing awesome picnic lunches and a cookies, The Espressionist Cafe for the much needed caffeine fix, Classic Steamboat Yarra River Cruises for a relaxing private exprience and to our friends at Punting On The Lake for a great time being in the Botanical Gardens. May all our venues be Happy, Healthy and Safe. Until next time Paws Out from the GP Team.