The Dog Couch

Human Coaching To Support Dogs

You know your dog and what their likes, dislikes and quirky behaviours are. We are here to assist you, as special folks who have chosen to be guardians for life and to enhance your experience with your dog. We are not here to create 'little obedient soldiers' nor to 'train' your dog to do what society thinks is best. We are here to educate YOU, so you can make the best possible decisions for your dog in any situation and know your dog will love you for it. We as fur-parents - must understand why dogs behave in certain ways, how their diet and their quirks affect them being the best possible dogs they can - Education is KEY to understanding their language and supporting them. We want you to have scientifically proven information, not hearsay or breed specific opinions, just facts - because our family deserves the best care possible. Our expertise we will coach you to support your dog in everyday situations.


Our Philosophy

Our Experience

Dog Wellbeing

Our Services

Our Goals

What we can help with

Dog Behaviour Webinars - looking at the world from your dog's perspective

Individual Nutrition Sessions - learn the link between behaviour and nutrition

Including your dog in the workplace


As Gourmet Pawprints has grown so too has our passion to provide everyday scientifically based education and coaching about dog behaviour and nutrition to dog parents.

The Dog Couch is a unique initiative by Gourmet Pawprints to support fur-parents with the many questions they have about their dog. It is a coaching place where fur-parents can explore and learn about Canine Communication, Nutrition and Wellbeing. Essentially getting to know the world from your dog’s perspective so you can make the best possible choices to support their journey with you. We are not dog trainers! We focus on providing you, the fur-parent with the knowledge and skills to make better choices for your dog and how your interaction can influence their behaviour.

Our Philosophy

We are here to support a Happy, Healthy and Safe relationship with your dog through coaching you, the Fur-Parent. This means taking a holistic approach and looking at the connection you have with your dog. We want to get to know you as an individual and to utilise our expertise to guide the changes you want to see. Because dogs need trees, we like to think of this as a growth journey. Just as a tree grows in different directions depending on sun and water, you also grow and change over time. Your values, beliefs, knowledge and skills can all influence  how you interact with and intrepret your dog's behaviour.  We will help you build a trusting relationship that bring joy to you and your dog.

Learn the science behind creating a calm and relaxing environment for your dog. By learning their unique signals, you can make their space Happy, Healthy and Safe and encourage your dogs to be more confident and lead a rich and rewarding lives. 

Our Experience

Your coach, Kerry is the founder of Gourmet Pawprints and the creator of The Dog Couch. Kerry recognised a significant gap in the world of dogs, where we as humans need more education about how dogs view the world and what is the link between behavioural issues and nutrition. Kerry provides a comfortable and interactive coaching environment to equip you with the skills to build a trusting bond with your dog. Kerry has been working with humans and dogs for 10 years and is passionate about Happy, Healthy and Safe dog and human experiences.

Kerry's qualifications include:

  • Bachelor Science Degree (Pharmacology and Physiology)

  • Diploma Canine Communication

  • Certificate Canine Nutrition and Wellbeing

  • Masters Business Administration

  • Graduate Diploma Marketing

  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment

  • Graduate Certificate in Counselling (currently undertaking)

Dog Wellbeing

We may share the same physical space as dogs however we experience the world differently. The physical and emotional well being of our dogs is shaped by the choices we as pawrents make for them. Providing dogs with safe and effective choices gives them confidence and supports them as individuals.

Stress in dogs is a leading cause of behavioural issues and can have a long term impact on their wellbeing. Stress maybe associated with our beliefs, their learned behaviour and even their nutrition.

Our Goals

  • To provide you with a the knowledge and skills to better understand your dog’s behaviour.

  • To enable you to make informed choices to address common behavioural issues.

  • To support you in achieving a trusted relationship with your dog for life.

  • To provide you with the knowledge and skills to use their signals in everyday situations

  • To understand mental stimulation and provide examples of to bring this into their daily activities

Our Services

  • An interactive group webinar to provide you with knowledge, skills and understanding about how dogs communicate and how to use their language in everyday situations.

  • Individual coaching sessions to reinforce the foundation skills, the link between behaviour and nutrition to address your specific situation, initially conducted online for your convenience

  • Workplace education sessions to inform team members how dogs at work.

  • Nutritional information to assist with a healthy diet.

What we can help with

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Excessive Barking

  • Nutrition and the how it relates to behaviour

  • Off lead walking

  • Creating a calm environment

  • Interacting with children

  • Safely walking past other dogs

  • Common issues in dog parks

  • Introducing dogs to each other

  • Pulling on the lead

  • Choosing the right lead, collar and harness

Dog Behaviour Webinar

Live Sessions

A live group webinar designed to help you understand dog behaviour from your dog's perspective to create a relaxing and calm environment in all situations. Learning their unique communication signals provides you the confidence to make the best possible choices, after all you know your dog. Whether you are new fur-parent, a renewed one or maybe struggling with the dog you adopted during Covid times, we are here to support you and provide the education to create a relationship for life. 

Session Times

Wed 7pm - 8:30pm AEST

Wed 25 Aug 2022Wed 28 Sep 2022

Individual Sessions


An individual session is 45 minutes and done online - so you can relax in the comfort of your home and do not have to travel. We have a registration form which provides us essential background information about your dog and their individual circumstances. This helps us prepare in advance for your session so we can offer tailored options to assist you and your dog. Should you want a follow in person session we can discuss this in your session. Get in touch if you have any questions about the services we can offer. 

From the comfort of your home

Our initial session is done online from the comfort of your home. We hope to see your dog's smilling face.

Workplace Wellness Sessions

Supporting Dogs In The Workplace

Does your workplace allow dogs? Do you think as a team you could learn more about how dogs communicate? Or maybe you would like a dog friendly environment but are not sure how to go about it? We provide a workshop to learn about a dog's unique signals and then provide onsite practical advice to make it a Happy, Healthy and Safe environment for everyone. Book a workplace wellness session for a fun, interactive and team building day.

Get In Touch

Email us and let us know about your team and how our wellness sessions can add value to your workplace.