20 Feb 2016 Doggy Winery Cinema Evening

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Such an amazing Doggy Winery Cinema evening for our first and certainly not last at Witchmount Winery. There was Paella to be savoured, wine to be tasted and pupcorn to gobbled up and of course trees to be sniffed. It was a wonderful sight to see so many people  and dogs relaxing on the lawn enjoying time together. The pooches must have been worn out from all the excitement because it was very quiet when Oddball came on the screen.

It was great to meet Jack, Artie, Lyla, Memphis, Bonnie, Heff, Chester, Ari Gold, Titan, Pippa, Jimini Cricket, Morton, Malakai, Lena, Chancho, Shelby, Jarrah, Scout, Lily, Charlie, Harvey, Murray, Bear, Storm, Grace, Leo, Joey, Charlie, Mia, Max, Osa, Linc, Zeus, Biscuit, Peachy, Treacie, Clyde, Weasley, Apollo, Moby, Oliver, Layla, Rex, Jessie, Oliver, Willow, Romy, Jami, Zara, Trevor, Maximus Von Schaeferhund, Earl, Juno, Millie, Lucky, Rosie, Delie, Daphne, Nova, Shiro, Cooper, Frankie, Eddy, Apollo, Daisy, Gary, Jeffrey, Rain, Cauliflower, Teddy Bear, Jenna, Nia, Diesel, Gromit, Nessie, Archie, Bruno, Morgan, Maximus, Boss, Lexi, Lola, Scooter, Wait, Bailey, Holligan and all their Mums and Dads.

Check out all the fun in the photos.