7 Mar 2020 Magical Mystery Tour – Supporting Regional Victoria

What an amazing day with so many peeps and paws exploring Regional Victoria and giving back to the small business who so deserve our support. #emptyesky was certainly fitting with Bella’s 110 litre esky filled to the brim. We welcomed back Sybell (#13), Oscar (#6), Coby (#7), Max (#12), Snazzy (#3), Bella (#2) and said a big hello to Tilly, Sully, Audrey, Sadie, Molly, Pickle, Alfie, Jessie and Rocket. It was a long day however it was also a wonderful group filled with lots of chats and sniffs and just great company. We hope you enjoyed the towns we visited, there was a certain energy about giving back and feeling proud to support Regional Small Businesses. As a team we certainly hope today made a difference to some of the businesses we visited and hope you visit them again soon. Check out the photo of Snazzy and Max doing head to tail – sooooo funny. Congratulations Sybell on winning the Holidaying With Dogs gift voucher, we look forward to hearing about where you will stay. Until next time Paws Out from the GP team.