3 Jan 2021 Daylesford Doggy Trek

And 2021 is off and running…………..It was great to see Bella the Dog Welcoming Bus full with happy smiling paws returning after 43 weeks. Welcome back Gemimah (#18), Kennedy (#13), Sybell (#17), Ronnie (#13), Snazzy (#6),  Hana (#2),  Mellow (#6), Chrysla (#6),  Jesse (#3), Geoffrey (#2) and a big hello to our first timers Loki (#1), Badger (#1), Luna (#1) and Norman (#1).  The weather gods certainly served us well with the sun coming out as we got to Trentham for morning tea and stayed shining on us for the rest of the day. I am sure there were some skeptical Peeps and Paws as they rain came down on the our entire ride on the Calder Freeway, but our little ‘anti-rain dance’ worked and the day was Pawfect. OK, may some itinerary challenges to support the folks at Daylesford Train getting back after many months of hibernating however as they say ‘we are all in this together’. We hope no one is suffering the hangover affects of too much hand sanitiser. If the very chatty Diesel is anything to go by, there will be some tired pooches after there Domino Trail walk, well maybe not Gemimah who managed to get an ‘Uber’ from Phil for the journey, cheeky monkey. Thanks for joining and supporting us as we take the steps to bringing more Dog Friendly Experiences in 2021 – it really was a lovely day out with everyone. Paws Out from the GP Team.