29 May 2022 Melba Trail Doggy Winery Tour

What a stunning day in the Yarra Valley – pawfect for both Peeps and Paws to be out exploring. Welcome Back Sybell (#50), Mellow (#40), Chrysla (#40), Willow (#4) and a big Hello to Bader (#1). It was wonderful to celebrate Queen Sybell’s milestone of no less than 50 tours since 2019, you are officially the most frequent Bella traveller – wooo hoooo. We hope you enjoyed your jewellery, champagne toy and gift voucher from us. But wait we hear Mellow and Chrysla saying “we want gold status too” – yours is coming up in August – be patient (yeah right – NOT!). So lovely to see Willow kicking in for tour number 3 in only a few weeks and his normal chilled out self just watching all the fun. He even attempted a couple of stairs on his own. Bader, the seriously awesome dude is officially the biggest doggo on tour – weighing in at a gentle 80kg. Boy you captured our hearts today, what gentle boy.  Thanks for sharing the wine tastings and stunning lunch today, we just love this tour, supporting boutique wineries who take such care in their customer service. Bella the dog friendly bus also celebrated her 7th birthday of chauffeuring Peeps and Paws to so many destinations in Victoria – well done Bella. We even got an outdoor firepit organised by Cathy to stand around chatting and sipping. Hope you enjoy the pics until next time. Paws Out from the GP team.