27 Aug 2017 Mornington Peninsula Doggy Winery Tour

Welcome back Jake – such a seasoned traveller now. Hello to Henry, Jake, Monti and Nitro our first timers and hopefully we will see you all again soon. OK, no denying the chilly start to the day, but Bella was in fine form showing her rainbow coloured scarf to support the YES vote. You go girl!!

We kind of go it right over morning tea, just a couple of minutes shorter and the rain would have been behind us.

A very warm welcome at Merricks Creek winery and a complimentary glass of wine to sip and taste our way through entree.

Thanks to Renata – so very lovely to see this friendly and experience face at Oceans Eight Vineyard – stunning setting for stunning wines.

Finally the jewel in the crown (OK, that is our view!!!), and lunch at Nazaaray Estate and tasting over 8 wines and some from their museum collection. Thank you Paradeem and Nirmal for your very special hospitality – we know Bella was a little heavier for our visit.

Congratulations to Monti for winning the Shelby Memorial Photo Competition sponsored by Armadale Cellars.