26 Oct 2019 Hanging Rock Doggy Picnic Adventure

With a shocking weather forecast for the Dandenongs, it was considered much safer to venture out West to Hanging Rock and boy did we nail the weather out that way. Someone was looking down on us and saying “have fun and enjoy”. It basically rained while we were travelling on Bella the Dog Welcoming Bus and stayed relatively dry for our visit to this iconic spot. We welcomed back Sybell, Ari and Bundy and said a big Hello to Archie. What a wonderful day to be out exploring with these gorgeous pooches.  Such lovely manners at our Port Melbourne socialising, the team just knew we were in for a fun day and the weather could be forgotten. Thanks to Julie who shared the day with the group, our HR Consultant extraordinaire who has been invaluable helping set up the team for success.  We hope you enjoyed the very talented Sharon’s canine massage session. Until next time Paws Out from the GP team.