26 June 2016 – Yarra Valley Doggy Winery Tour

A sensational clear Winter’s day was the pawfect setting for our Yarra Valley Doggy Winery Tour. Bella was newly ‘dressed’ and ready to welcome Eddy, Sydney, Lily, Boo, Jed, Monte, Hamish, Stella, Benson, Albert and Pipars.

Lots of running and playing at St Huberts for the pooches while their Mum’s and Dad’s enjoyed the morning wine tasting.

With the beach, Lilydale Lake and another walk up to Soumah, the pooches were ready for some relaxing and pampering by Jo and Roxy while all the adults enjoyed a gorgeous lunch at Soumah.

There was a bit of chill in the air for our afternoon wine tasting at Badgers Brook, so Mary our gracious host invited everyone to sit around the log fire and sip wine. Very toasty paws!

Congratulations to Jed’s Mum for taking a brilliant photo of Pipars and Albert ‘having a chat on the bus’. Glad you liked your Ella+Friends – Woof photography book.