24 Nov 2018 Hanging Rock Doggy Picnic Adventure

Well it was a bit touch and go with the weather at Port Melbourne but thankfully the forecast of it being clear at Hanging Rock meant we had a great day for walking. Welcome back to Sophie, Toby, Arthur and Pugsley and a HELLO to Pip, Sunny, Leo, Shadow and Georgie. Our Doggy Picnic Adventure to Hanging Rock was certainly a fun day with an awesome group of peeps and paws.  Diesel might have been a tad chatty on the way there but he was just trying hard to translate all that the talented Katina was sharing. Cheeky puppy. It is always a busy day sniffing and walking – we can only imagine there will be some tired pooches tonight. Bella the dog welcoming bus could tell as there was some snoring going on towards home. Until next time – Paws Out from the GP team.