23 May 2021 Mornington Trail Doggy Winery Tour

When we get to welcome back and say Hello to so many peeps and paws the day is already Pawfect. Welcome back Sybell (#31), Mellow (#21), Chrysla (#21), Teddy (#8) and Tammy (#8) and Hello to Nara (#1) and Daxxie (#1). It was a wonderful journey down to the Mornington Peninsula – the sun just kept shinning and the smiles just kept coming.  Bella just loves to entertain with a bit of help from Ben – the trivia was flowing and the minds were churning.  To have a glass of wine in one hand and a lead in the other makes for one very relaxed and happy day. Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you again soon. Paws out from the GP Team.