20 Jan 2018 Melba Trail Doggy Winery Tour

Welcome back Gemimah and Toby, so very nice to see you again. A big HELLO to Bridie, Neville, Billy, Mabel, Arthur and Hamish, what an amazing group of pooches – oh their fur-parents were pretty fabulous too. It was such a lovely day visiting some stunning boutique wineries on the Melba side of the Yarra Valley. A very happy and chatty group who welcomed Angela to her first tour as a Dog Carer – and what an awesome job she did pampering all the little paws.

Wow Billy you have to be the most chilled Border Collie we have ever met – just taking the whole day in your stride. Neville and Bridie preferred the personalised approach – that is being carried around – hey that is OK – if it is being offered why not take it. Mabel was soooooooo excited to be on her first tour and it was heaps of fun watching the world go by on Bella. A pair of cheeky little monkeys comes to mind when seeing Hamish and Arthur – so content to be taken to so many great sniffy places, more please.

Congratulations Gemimah on winning the photo competition – 3 little dacshunds sitting on a couch!