2 April 2017 Mornington Peninsula Doggy Winery Tour

With an extra hour sleep – there was an extra spring in everyone’s step that even the dark clouds we managed to dodge, could not dampen our spirits. The sunshine did eventually come through to welcome to Lucky, Dora, Phoenix, Bruce, Sylvie, Tiersen, Bella and Indie for their first Doggy Winery Tour to the Mornington Peninsula.

Getting the window seat is a must for the pooches – so much happening, need to take it all in!

Bella was very keen to go exploring at the beach, telling her new BFF’s to hurry up and get off the bus, we got sand and water fun ahead. With a leisurely morning tea after the walk and swim, it was time to get back on Bella for the first wine tasting and entree for the progressive lunch.

The view at Panton Vineyard is so stunning, it takes guests at least 15 minutes to stop and realise there is wine to be had.

Huge thank you to Nick at Stonier Winery for an fun and informative wine tasting.

Bella was certainly a full bus of wine from many purchases.

Congratulations Phoenix on winning the photo of the day – very cute pics.