19 Jan 2020 Melba Trail Doggy Winery Tour

What an awesome day to be out and about with our pooches. Well Diesel does apologies for not being there in person however he certainly enjoyed meeting the puppers via the smells the brought home! Welcome Back Tilly (#21) and Layla (#2) and a big hello to our first timers – Mellow, Chrysla, Dexter and Cerberus. Thank you for making Elouise’s first day of Dog Carer so comfortable and welcoming, it was wonderful to have her  caring for the pooches. Elouise is studying a Law Degree and has been ‘behind the scenes’ prepping Bella for over 12 months now, and we are thrilled she has added this role to her skills. We have to call out the hilarious excitement of Dexter racing madly around the tables at our first wine tasting, it was fabulous to see how the other dogs responded by chasing him. Until next time – Paws Out from the GP team.