17 Feb 2018 Melba Trail Doggy Winery Tour

What an absolutely sensational day and one very full Bella with excited pooches. Welcome back Daisy, Gus and Tilly and a big hello to Buddy, Gavan, Norma, Roxy, Holly, Coco and Koby. It was wonderful to see 3 gorgeous greyhounds chill out down the back,  with Tilly playing watchful observer. We think she is just use to being the kid girl on the tours. With a quick dip in the beach for some dogs it was time to get settled on Bella and enjoy the scenery. We had to laugh at excited Coco who just had to bathe in the water bowls at each stop – simply hilarious! Holly had her ‘she is not my sister’ look at Roxy who just thought the whole standing around wine tasting a tad over rated – she much preferred walks and cuddles with Sharon. Daisy was not going to be outdone by the big paws -keeping pace all day and letting her brother Gus know she was up for the walking challenge. Congratulations to Gus and Daisy on winning the photo of the day, very cool pic.