11 Apr 2021 Daylesford Doggy Trek

Talk about a group who sees ‘the glass half full’…yep the weather was ever changing but what didn’t change was the enthusiasm and excitement of the Peeps and Paws on our Daylesford Doggy Trek.  Maybe it is because we have weathered ‘storms’ far worse in the past 12 months that just being able to enjoy Regional Victoria is wonderful. Welcome back Mellow (#17), Chrysla (#17), Matty (#5) and Emma (#5).  A big HELLO to Peach (#1), Happy (#1), Chrystal (#1), Ares (#1) and Pendles (#1). Our first tour departing from our NEW home at the Spotswood & Kingsville RSL could not have been easier. So much off leash fun before boarding Bella the Dog Welcoming Bus. As the sun dipped in and out all day, we just went with the flow and enjoyed being out and about with our beloved pooches.  Good thing Bella is ready for anything as she had to host part of the lunch – silly rain, go away! Maybe it was the appetite built up from the walk around Lake Daylesford that made it effortless? With so many sniffs to be had, there were not complaints from Paws (and Peeps for that matter) about adjusting to accommodate. The finale was the Daylesford Train ride where the scenery was certainly worth licking. Thanks Ben – awesome job assisting our guests. We look forward to seeing you all again soon. Paws Out from the GP Team.