Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy brings together our promise to you and our guiding values to deliver a memorable experience for you and your pooch.

Our promise to you….

We strive to achieve....

Being warmfriendly and easy to deal with.

Caring about every detail of your experience with us.

Understanding the simple joy of being with our dogs.

Our Values….


We understand that spending time with our beloved pooches provides a great source of joy and adding the chance to socialise with others makes for a happy day.

We carefully select all venues to ensure they are dog welcoming and can accommodate the majority of dietary requirements.




We want everyone, regardless of how many legs you have, we want everyone to be in a healthy environment.

We require all dogs be up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea medication and require a current vaccination certificate before boarding Bella.



Our team are skilled in understanding dog behaviour and know how important it is that all humans and dogs are able to interact safely and with the freedom they need to feel comfortable.

We have chosen to only allow de-sexed dogs on our public tours so as to follow industry standards of not mixing de-sexed and entire dogs in a confined space.