5th October 2014

dog-friendly-winery-tours_0268“My name is Suzie. As a greyhound, I generally like to kept to myself because not many people understand my breed. Normally when I hop into my parents’ car it is either to visit the vet or to go to the park to have a run. I don’t normally spend as much time in getting to a location as I did last Sunday. This was a concern to me in travelling half an hour without knowing what was to happen for the day. Well, did I get a surprise when we arrived at a beach with lots of different smells & different dogs. It was rather overwhelming & my shaking started. My timidness was evident but little did I know how wonderfully I was to be treated by Kerry & Bentley in not only making the trip in the back seat of the bus to & from Daylesford, enjoying lavished attention all day, eating some great nibbles & meeting other doggie friends who I hope to meet again. Knowing how much my mum & dad enjoyed the day, I don’t think there will be any doubt that I will get to meet my new friends again & most likely, very soon. Lots of love from Suzie & thanks for introducing my parents to your great day of fine wining, dining & friendship.”