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Dog Nutrition Book – “My Dog Eats Better Than Me”


This would have to be THE best dog nutrition book EVER. It is packed full of fabulous recipes and great tips. As Gourmet Pawprints has a Certificate in Canine Nutrition, we feel qualified to recommend this book. It is a must read for any fur-parent who wants to learn more about how to best support their dog through good food. You can always get in touch via  The Dog Couch if you have any questions.

Fiona Rigg and Jacqui Melville make this possible with more than 60 recipes across multiple chapters, from biscuits to main meals, from puppies to doggie celebrations.

This fully photographed, beautiful book (starring a cast of pooches, big, small and in-between) offers tips on dog nutrition, ingredients to use (and avoid) and storage tips as well as easy visual recipe references for people who are looking to prepare create a homemade diet for their dog.