Chloe and Toby

chloe and toby (2)“Toby and I went on a wine trip with Mum and Dad last Sunday. We had to get up very early instead of sleeping in. Then we went to the beach and that was cool, running around. meeting other dogs and sniffing new smells. Then we got on a bus – this was quite scary at first, the steps were very steep and there were strange noises but after a while Toby and I relaxed on our seat together. We got out at Willow Creek winery – Toby ran around like a mad thing and one of the kelpies thought he was a sheep and so tried to round him up- he is small and fluffy. The bread was quite good here but I didn’t like the crusts. Then on to Flinders Beach. Well we’ve been here before but this time the tide was out so there were plenty of rocks to walk on. Back on the bus and off to Pier 10. Mum and Dad disappeared inside for lunch and we stayed outside with Luke. He gave us a biscuit which I tried, but really it was too big. Mummy has brought some of these home and she breaks them into smaller bits and these are quite tasty- banana and oatmeal. After lunch back on the bus and then another walk down a muddy lane – lots of new smells here. We stopped at another place, cider tasting, and then back on the bus to Port Melbourne. Finally back in our own car and back home, except Mummy took a wrong turn and ended up in the Conference Centre car park but eventually we got on the right track. A long and exciting day, Mum and Dad enjoyed it and brought home lots of wine.” Chloe