Canine Communication Workplace Wellness Sessions

Canine Communication is all about how dogs interact and 'talk' to each other. We may share the same space with dogs however we have a different language for experiencing the world.  By learning their unique signals we can encourage our dogs to be more confident and lead rich and rewarding lives. 

Creating a bond with your dog is the most essential way you can support them throughout their life and learning their language is the key to developing this rapport and respect for their needs.  Learning Canine Communication will provide you with the skills to use their signals in a range of situations to build their confidence.

The webinar and tutor sessions are specifically designed for fur-parents to; 

  • Understand and utilise a range of canine signals
  • Learn to see the world from their perspective and to manage our expectations
  • Provide practical techniques to build your dog's confidence
  • Explain the science behind how dogs talk to each other

Do you have a dog who barks a bit too much at guests arriving? Or maybe you are not sure how to calm them on a walk past other dogs? What ever the situation having a calm and relaxed dog is essential to their wellbeing and happiness.

  • Thu 7 Jan 2021 7pm ADST
  • Thu 14 Jan 2021 7pm ADST
  • Thu 21 Jan 2021 7pm ADST
  • Thu 28 Jan 2021 7pm ADST

What you will take away is a sound understanding of Canine Communication Signals,  how to interpret them with your dog and how to utilise them in everyday situations like barking at the door, greeting other dogs and safely interacting in a dog park.

Topics covered include:

    1. Fundamentals of communication and why we humans do it differently to dogs.
    2. Learning with from your dog's perspective
    3. Listening with your eyes - the power of observation
    4. Don't blame the messenger - what are dogs telling us?
    5. Canine Communication Signals - what are they and how do humans learn to use them.
    6. Using the signals to assist your dog in everyday situations
    7. Practical examples of how the knowing the signals can assist with the 'barking door bells', greeting other dogs on a walk, jumping to say hello, outside noise barking and more.

Kerry is the founder of Gourmet Pawprints and has an international recognised Diploma in Canine Communication (and was actually the first person to complete this course in the world with Canine Principles).

Kerry also has a Bachelor of Science Degree, Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Masters of Business Administration and many years working with strategic communication.

I was important to Kerry to complete a course that was scientifically based and focused on the dog's needs not just 'training' them to do what we humans want them to do. 

  • 48 hours notice via email to transfer to an alternative time.
  • Sorry no refunds
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