Canine Communication Sessions

Connecting Dogs and Humans….

Have you ever wondered what your dog is really saying? Do you sometimes wonder when you dog greets another are they excited, anxious or stressed? Do you encounter other dogs on your walks and are not sure how to greet them?

Dog's lives can be made so much richer and rewarding by understanding how they signal to each other.

Learn about a dog's unique communication signals and how you can interpret them to keep your dog Happy, Health and Safe.

Our Canine Communication Service is a one:one personalised tutoring session with you and your dog in the comfort of your own home. Our mission is to help you build a sound relationship with your dog and have the skills to deal with everyday situations. The sessions are tailored to your specific needs based on what you and your dog are experiencing, they are not dog training classes - they are so much more because they give you the fur-parent the knowledge to manage any situation.

We teach you how to interpret your dog’s signals, so you can make positive reinforcement choices. Designed and delivered by Kerry who has a Diploma in Canine Communication, so the approach is evidence based and developed from sound scientific research. Read More

Prices and Inclusions

The Canine Communication session is 1 hour in home or at our location in Spotswood and is $100 (incl gst) and includes

  • Getting to know your and your dog - we like to call this 'listening with our eyes'.
  • A lead walk (where appropriate) with you and your dog around your local area to observe them interacting with different scents, sounds and sights.
  • An open and frank discussion about the behaviours and communication signals we have observed and of course providing you with the skills to confidently interprete these important messages.
  • Complimentary journal to record what you are observing and learning.

Pesky but Important Information

Please get in contact if you would like to discuss any of these details.

  • Travel time charges apply if the session location is more than 20km from Melbourne CBD. Charges are $2 per km in excess of the 20km. This covers our fuel, tolls and inbound and outbound time.
  • If you would prefer to come to Spotswood, Victoria instead, please select this option when you book.
  • Session is conducted with one adult and one dog, additional dogs are charged at $15.
  • Dogs must not be exhibiting any signs of contagious diseases.
  • We recommend if you need to visit  your Vet, you do this at least 48hrs prior to the session to allow your dog to fully recover.

Full terms and conditions HERE

Communicating with our dogs

We are here to help you learn canine communication not train your dog to do a particular activity. We only use positive reinforcement and do not believe in the outdated 'alpha dog' theory.

If the issue is your dog is pulling on a lead, then we will work with you to understand this behaviour and what they are trying to tell you. Once you know this, then with positive encouragement you can teach your dog not to pull.Read More