Canine Communication Personal Sessions

Building your dog’s confidence by learning their unique communication signals.

Is your dog rolling their eyes when you talk to them? Are you struggling to be 'heard'? It is probably because you are using our human language and not dog language. Dogs have their own unique language and we can learn how to 'speak' dog. This will make a significant difference to how your dog interprets what you are saying. Canine Communication is all about how dogs interact and 'talk' to each other. We may share the same space with dogs however we experience the world very differently.  By learning their unique signals we can encourage our dogs to be more confident and lead rich and rewarding lives. 

Creating a bond with your dog is the most essential way you can support them throughout their life and learning their language is the key to developing this rapport and respect for their needs.  Learning Canine Communication will provide you with the skills to use their signals in a range of situations to build their confidence.

Some of the common behavioural issues we can assist with;

  • The barking door bell
  • That pesky possum who just wants to taunt your dog
  • Playing safely in a dog park
  • Is leaving the house a stressful event?
  • Do you know when your dog wants time out?
  • Supporting your dogs when walking past other dogs
  • Greeting other dogs respectfully

We offer both in home personal sessions and at our secure home at Spotswood & Kingsville RSL Email us for your preferred location and time.

We offer both in  your home personal sessions and at our secure home at the Spotswood & Kingsville RSL

Email us for your preferred location and time. Contact

  • Prices are for 1 dog and 1 adult.
  • If you wish to have additional dogs and/or adults, then please ask us for a quote
  • Each session is 45 minutes in duration
  • If you choose the in home personal session, travel costs may apply
  • Travel time charges apply if the session location is more than 15km from Melbourne CBD. Charges are $2 per km in excess of the 15km. This covers our fuel, tolls and inbound and outbound time.
  • Travel costs are payable on the day of your booking.
  • Costs are applicable for both outbound and inbound travel.

Kerry is the founder of Gourmet Pawprints and has an international recognised Diploma in Canine Communication (and was actually the first person to complete this course in the world with Canine Principles).

Kerry also has a Bachelor of Science Degree, Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Masters of Business Administration and many years working with strategic communication.

I was important to Kerry to complete a course that was scientifically based and focused on the dog's needs not just 'training' them to do what we humans want them to do. 

  • Session times are for 45minutes
  • Adults and dogs must be from the same house hold.
  • Bookings are non-refundable.
  • Date transfers require 3 days notice.
  • Dogs must not be exhibiting any signs of contagious diseases.
  • We recommend if you need to visit  your Vet, you do this at least 48hrs prior to the session to allow your dog to fully recover.

Full terms and conditions HERE