5 Dec 2021 Mornington Trail Doggy Winery Tour

Bella was so excited to be chauffeuring Peeps and Paws on the Mornington Trail Doggy Winery Tour – she wanted to toot the whole way down to the Mornington Peninsula, but we restrained her from making a scene and suggested she just focus on enjoying the journey. Welcome back Sybell (#36) and huge big lick HELLO to Birdie (#1), Banjo (#1), Daisy (#1) and Duke (#1). Now we think each one of you doggos are special however we do want to say Woo Hooo to Duke our very first Irish Setter on a tour. Duke also got to meet his first horse and boy that was a bunch of laughs and very cheeky taking Daisy with him. Princess Sybell made it known that she knew how the day goes – even if she was a bit sad her besties could not make it. The chilled out Banjo and Birdie were very happy watching all the fun and poking their noses in when the sniffs went their way. Fabulous weather and a great group. So glad Duke and Sybell took their Fur-Mummas on a Doggy Winery Tour for their birthdays to celebrate. Wow just Wow. Until next time Paws out from the GP team.