21 March 2021 Yarra Trail Doggy Winery Tour

Woo hooo Sybell (#26), Mellow (#15) and Chrysla (#15) welcomed first timer Dutch (#1) to our Yarra Trail Doggy Winery Tour and boy did these kiddos have some fun. Ms Sybell was keen to show Dutch the ropes of being on Bella The Dog Welcoming Bus and the Wineries. Mellow and Chrysla were very happy to direct Sybell to where she needed to assist. Diesel decided he needed a day off to rest his weary paw. Well done Sybell you also won photo of the day, such a cutie in her pink rain coat. Despite the rain, it was still a fabulous day with the Peeps and Paws.  It was lovely to welcome Robyne to the Delivery Team and she her awesome massage skills in action. We just know we will see you again soon and maybe at the Doggy Easter Egg Hunt. Paws Out from the GP Team.