16 May 2021 Daylesford Doggy Trek

What a wonderful day exploring on our Daylesford Doggy Trek.  Diesel just loved welcoming back Chloe (#9), Toby (#9), Minnie (#3), Pipppa (#2), Kaia (#2) and Pesky (#2) and a big woof to Sunny (#1). It was so relaxing just cruising on Bella out to Trentham to wander around the falls over morning tea. Just a bit of special love to Pesky who got spooked by Bella going over a speed hump – we just loved the cuddles needed to provide the reassurance it would not happen again. Naughty Bella! Congrats Kaia for winning the photo of the day – oh so cute! We hope you will join us again soon and Paws Out from the GP Team.