12 Feb 2022 Melba Trail Doggy Winery Tour

The sound of laughter from humans and dogs said it all today, Bella the Dog Bus was smiling the whole way to the Melba side of the Yarra Valley. So fun much and so many great conversations. Woo Hoo – awesome group. Diesel welcomed back Tilly (#32), Mellow (#30), Chrysla (#30), Reuben (#4), Milo (#3) and said a big Woof hello to Ricky (#1), Ralph (#1) and Humphrey (#1). It was wonderful to see all the pooches running around exploring at our first winery and then chilling on the cool concrete at the next stop. “Uncle Ben” was in fine form with the doggo massages with almost everyone napping, some just didn’t want to miss out on anything – so best they stay alert (that would be you Ms Tilly). With an impromptu ice cream stop on the way home, I think it is only fair to say a Pawfect Day was had by all. Until next time, Paws Out from the GP Team.